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What does Motopramoga seek for?

Motopramoga seeks for promotion of the Enduro motorcycle sport and expansion of ranks of motorcycle enthusiasts in Lithuania.
The purpose of Motopramoga is to engage as many as possible active people willing to test themselves in this pastime.


What is Enduro?

The name ‘enduro’ comes from the English word ‘endurance’.
Enduro riders are hardy motorcycle lovers united by love for motorcycles, freedom, experience, excitement and entertainment!

In what way Motopramoga contributes to the Enduro movement?

Motopramoga simply provides perfect conditions for practising this sport/entertainment for those who cannot afford to buy an Enduro motorcycle, maintain it, buy the appropriate rider outfit, or are not completely decided on what type of motorcycle they want to ride.


Why Motopramoga?

  • If you let yourself to try something new, you will feel more love for life.
  • It is the easiest way to clear the thoughts and to forget daily routine for a little for people who live and work intensively.
  • For those who are home-birds, it is a good opportunity to rouse themselves, to gain more confidence and to be more determined in making decisions.
  • For corporate executives, it may serve as a good tool for team building.
  • Riding with a group is much more interesting and safer. In this case, there is someone to share impressions and experiences with.
  • Professional driving instructor’s advice leads to faster and much more secure driving skill development.
  • One does not need to worry about the route. Depending on driving skills and opportunities, he or she will be offered the optimal driving route.
  • Economically beneficial. There is no need to invest in acquisition of a motorcycle, protective clothing, and taking care of maintenance, bike storage etc.
  • One can always try a different motorcycle, or have his or her favourite option.
  • It is possible to enjoy the benefits of a road motorcycle, and sometimes to let off steam in the Enduro track.
  • It may help you decide what type or brand of motorcycle fits and satisfies you the most.
  • It is always better to present friends, co-workers, loyal customer or partners with good impressions and new experiences than with “just things”.
  • Motopramoga can help to solve a fairly common family dilemma: new shoes for her or new motorcycle studded tires for the winter season ahead ;)
  • If you had patience to read this far… Arguments are more than enough!


Motopramoga gladly welcomes all who want to try, to remember, to learn, to overcome their fairs, to work out, to have a good burn-out, to improve themselves, relax, get the adrenaline, excitement and thrill. HAVE FUN COMFORTABLY!

Safety deserves special attention:

  • Special outfit: helmets, goggles, armours, knee and elbow protections, special footwear and gloves;
  • Each and every Motopramoga’s participant receives professional instructor’s instruction and tips;
  • Rides are held in groups of up to 4 people accompanied by an instructor;
  • The track is selected by level of complexity, taking into account participants’ abilities and experience.


Attention! 16-18-year-old people must have a written consent of one of the parents.


Read more about Motopramoga’s services here: Services.


Have fun now!

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